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What happens during an interlock service?

What happens during an interlock service?

As part of the NZ interlock programme, the interlock needs to be taken back to a service centre at least once a month for a ‘service’. A service has four purposes:
  • Interlock data download – this is very important! All ‘logs’ get downloaded from the interlock device and uploaded to our secure server. Logs are events such as breath alcohol readings, engine starts, engine stops, rolling retests and disconnections. This data gets stored for review by NZTA when you apply for your zero alcohol licence (so you can have your interlock removed).
  • Calibration – to ensure the fuel cell inside the interlock is providing accurate alcohol readings. We use a nitrogen-ethanol dry gas mix to simulate a breath alcohol reading.
  • Physical inspection – to ensure the interlock is operating correctly and hasn’t been damaged or tampered with.
  • Monthly lease payment – during your monthly service you make payment for your monthly lease which is all-inclusive; it covers the data download, calibration and inspection costs.
Altogether, an interlock service takes roughly 10–15 minutes. For offender clients, it’s required every month and it’s due on the same date that the interlock was installed, e.g. if your interlock was installed on the 6th of each month, your monthly service is due each month on the 6th. You have a 7-day grace period either side of your due date to complete the service.
Don’t leave your service to the last minute! If you don’t get a service in time, your interlock will lock out, meaning you’ll require a chargeable unlock code.
For voluntary interlocks, a service is only required once a year, unless the user is wanting to view their interlock logs. Voluntary clients don’t require monthly servicing as they don’t need to adhere to the offender interlock programme requirements.
Some of our service centres require booking for interlock services, other service centres prefer you just drive up. When you get your interlock installed, talk to your service centre to find out how they want you to manage your servicing. 
You do not have to get your interlock serviced by the same service centre that installed your interlock. Any of our service centres nationwide can service your interlock meaning you can drive nationwide with peace of mind!

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