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Personal Breathalyser

Easy Calibration and Low-cost maintenance.

Why should I invest in a personal breathalyser?

It can save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars!

  • Catching an accidental alcohol reading before it happens will prevent your interlock sentence from being extended.
  • When you get your zero alcohol licence you will be liable for another interlock sentence if you drive with any level of alcohol in your system.

It’s a great way to keep yourself, friends and family safe!

  • Check your alcohol level in less than 30 seconds.
  • Get a good understanding of how your body processes alcohol over time.
  • Check friends or family if they’ve been drinking and are planning to drive.


The AF-35C is a good-quality personal breathalyser that is the perfect choice for an individual who wants to be able to check to see if they’re safe to drive before starting their vehicle.



The DriveSafe exec is the perfect choice for individuals wanting a very accurate and durable personal breathalyser.





The Lifeloc FC10 is a top-quality breathalyser that is the perfect choice for anyone wanting an accurate and durable breathalyser that will last a very long time.


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